John Deere Compact Tractors For Sale

John Deere is one of the most well-known brands in the tractor industry. In fact, the name is almost synonymous with tractors, and their distinctive bright green paintwork can be seen all over the British countryside. They are industry leaders in providing the highest-quality agricultural equipment, with an incredible 180-years of experience in creating innovative farming machinery. If you are looking for a John Deere compact tractor for sale, Blacktrac offers a wide range of models to suit your individual requirements. Browse our John Deere compact tractors below.

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John Deere provide a range of John Deere compact tractors which are the industry standard for performance. They come with a whole range of modifications – from high-torque engines to automatic two-pedal transmissions. They have four different models on offer – numbered from 1 to 4 – each with their own unique benefits and attributes. Get more information below on which of the John Deere compact tractors is right for you.

1 Series – The 1 series is the smallest of the John Deere compact tractors range, but it certainly packs a punch despite its size. It’s an ideal choice for hundreds of tasks from mowing to loading. The 1 series comes with an easy lift bonnet and the ability to easily connect John Deere’s AutoConnect Mowing Deck. You can also get a material collection system which allows you to pick up any mown grass to leave the lawn looking immaculate.

2 Series – The 2 series is perfectly sized for negotiating tight spaces, but it also comes with all the features you’d expect from full-sized tractors. It’s perfect for landscapers and large property owners. It comes with a comfortable cab where you can internally adjust the cut height so you can be sheltered in all weathers.

3 Series – The 3 series really is a perfect all-rounder and includes the hugely popular John Deere 3038e compact tractor. Think of any job and the 3 series can do it. With a bucket at the front it’s perfect for loading and shovelling, or for mowing it can be hooked up to the AutoConnect mowing deck if needed. Like the 2 series, it comes with all the mod-cons you’d expect in the bigger, full-sized tractors John Deere offer.

4 Series – Finally, there’s the 4 series, John Deere’s real premium package. Coming in two different configurations, the 4M and 4R, the 4 series has cutting edge technology built in. It comes with the same gear system you find in larger tractors and, most importantly, a controlled fuel injection system which allows for lower emissions and fuel usage. When it comes to the real flagship John Deere compact tractors on the market, this is the place to look.


As with all other brands of compact tractors, John Deere compact tractors have their own range of parts and accessories which allow you to expand on their usage. Accessories include mowers, trailers, buckets and much more. We also supply a full range of John Deere compact tractor parts that can be dispatched using our carrier service. As well as this, we provide expert servicing and repairs for your John Deere compact tractor in our workshop.


f you’re looking for a John Deere compact tractor for sale in a place that boasts the finest quality customer service and expert knowledge, choose Blacktac today. Submit an enquiry via our contact page, or talk to a member of our helpful team directly on 01933 272662. You can also book an appointment to come and visit our indoor showroom where you can see our John Deere Compact Tractors.