Kubota Compact Tractors For Sale

Kubota have a fantastic range of compact tractors for the UK market. They’re a well-known brand with exceptionally high build quality that has earned them a great reputation in agricultural and land management industries. Whatever your needs, we’re certain there’s a Kubota tractor that’s right for you, regardless of intended use, budget or industry. Our wide and varied range of models and expert customer service make us your go-to supplier for Kubota compact tractors in the UK. Browse our extensive range of Kubota compact tractors for sale below.

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Kubota has over 50 years of experience with producing high-quality, dependable tractors. They have risen to become one of the leading tractor producers in Japan and have a wide range of machines and parts available. A Kubota tractor will always deliver outstanding performance with a comfortable ride to make operation easy and straightforward.

When it comes to Kubota compact tractors, you have a choice of six models: the BX, L2, ST, B1, B2, and L1 series. Each one comes with its own benefits and attributes that make it better suited to certain tasks, whether it be domestic or commercial usage.

BX – The BX series as a new edition to Kubota’s roster. It’s ideal for mowing and front loader use. It essentially combines the ease of use and precision of a sit-on mower with the performance of a tractor.

L2 – The L2 is a bit of a step up from the BX and really is Kubota’s flagship compact tractor model. Its build quality and reliability mean that you can rely on it day after day. It comes in four different engine sizes, from 37 to 62bhp, and with a range of features which make it one of the most versatile tractors on the market.

ST – The ST is another new edition to the Kubota compact tractor line-up. It’s lightweight and reliable whilst also providing power and speed. It can be used as anything from a mower to a front loader.

B1 – The B1 series is one of Kubota’s smaller compact tractors, but don’t be fooled. The B1 is powerful, versatile, and reliable. It’s designed for comfort and simplicity of use and comes in a range of different configurations so you can choose the perfect model for your needs.

B2 – The B2 is slightly larger than the B1 and comes with a cab, rather than being open topped like the B1. It’s a great choice for mowing and other land management jobs and will never let you down.

L1 – The L1 is another open-topped compact tractor offered by Kubota, but it offers slightly more power than the B1. It’s got a powerful diesel engine and high lifting capacity allowing you to get that heavy lifting done at a low cost.

Kubota Compact Tractor Parts

Each Kubota tractor brings with it a whole range of accessories which can be purchased to add to the versatility of their range. Everything from mowers to forklifts can be purchased to tailor your Kubota compact tractor to your specific requirements. We also offer a wide range of Kubota compact tractor parts that we can dispatch via our carrier service. As well as this, we provide expert repair and servicing for your Kubota compact tractor in our very own workshop.


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