Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors For Sale

Massey Ferguson are a well-known American manufacturer, making all sorts of agricultural equipment. Massey Ferguson compact tractors offer high performance, comfort, and unmatched build quality so you can be sure running costs will be a minimum. These machines are all about reliability, and that’s exactly why we stock them.

Like most other brands, Massey Ferguson compact tractors have a few options. Their two options provide a decent selection and allow you to choose a tractor which suits your needs perfectly. We’ll outline the differences below briefly.

MF 1500

The MF 1500 is the smaller of the two Massey Ferguson compact tractors offered. This model is known for its reliability and flexibility. It can really turn its hand to almost any small to medium task you can think of.

The model is actually divided up into four sub-models which all have 3-cylinder engines but vary in their specifications. The smallest of the four Massey Ferguson compact tractors outputs 19.5 horsepower, with the largest putting out 32. They also come with different types of transmission and lift capacity. The MF1520 uses an ME transmission, the MF 1525 a HY, the MF 1529 ME again, and with the MF 1532 you get a choice of either HY or ME. Load capacity options are either 600kg or 1100kg.

All of this means you can buy a Massey Ferguson compact tractor that you know is going to be perfect for your needs.

MF 1700

The MF 1700 is a slightly larger bother of the MF 1500 and it comes in two variants: the MF 1740 and MF 1747. The different between the two is quite drastic. The MF1740 outputs 38bhp with its 3-cynlinder engine and is able to lift 1270kg. The MF 1747, on the other hand, outputs 46bhp with its larger 4-cylinder engine and is able to lift 1580kg.
Both Massey Ferguson compact tractors come with an array of different features like the choice between a mechanical or hydrostatic transmission, cruise control, and the option of adding a cab as well to protect you from the elements.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more power, the MF 1700 is probably where to look.


As with other manufacturers of compact tractors, the Massey Ferguson compact tractors have their own range of accessories which can be purchased to expand the number of tasks your compact tractor can carry out. From mowers to trailers, they’ve got it all.