Do Compact Tractors Hold Value?

Everyone wants a tractor that lasts. Selecting the right brand and model is key when purchasing as you want to pick something that holds its value well. Blacktrac offers a selection of high quality compact tractors that will stand the test of time with the proper maintenance and servicing. These models will last anywhere from 4000 to 10,000 hours with the proper care, so you can be sure to get a great deal when you come to sell it on.  

Which Compact Tractor Brands Hold Their Value the Best?

Choosing the right brand is everything when looking for a compact tractor that will hold its value. High quality parts, durable manufacturing materials and unique safety features will ensure your tractor stands the test of time. We’ve selected three popular compact tractor companies that we think hold their value best: 

John Deere Compact Tractors

John Deere is one of the most iconic tractor brands around, and they also hold their value better than most too. Their unique plastic design ensures that they stay in good condition far longer than other competitors. You will rarely see a John Deere compact tractor in bad condition as plastic doesn’t rust or lose its colour, and it bends to make it more forgiving if there’s an accident.

Because of this and their overall high build quality, John Deere compact tractors will hold their value exceptionally well. They are often on the higher price range within the compact tractor market but their additional cost is more than justified.  

Solis Compact Tractors

Solis has quickly carved out a reputation for manufacturing high quality machines that last. They feature high quality parts such as Mitsubishi engines and Bosch fuel systems and electronics. Maintenance costs are also very low making it easier and cheaper to look after your tractor.  

They are usually priced lower than both Kubota and John Deere but that doesn’t mean you are getting any less of a product. With impressive performance and design, a Solis compact tractor will hold its value well when you come to sell it on. 

Kubota Compact Tractors

Kubota compact tractors are also renowned for their high resale value due to their impressive build quality. Some owners estimate that a Kubota tractor that is properly maintained should last for about 5500 hours, but a especially well maintained model could easily see up to 10,000 hours of use under the right conditions.

This means Kubota compact tractors hold their value very well if you’re willing to put in the time. Alongside John Deere they are seen as one of the premium compact tractor brands in the UK market.     

Why Buy a Used Compact Tractor?

Buying a used compact tractor often means you’re getting a good deal – although there are plenty of things to consider first. Just like buying anything else that is used, you should do the relevant checks beforehand to make sure it’s in good condition. Research thoroughly online to see what the general prices are for your chosen model. Second hand compact tractor prices are currently high so you should also consider whether paying a bit more for a newer model makes more sense. 

A full service history is also recommended and you should also try to get some kind of warranty if this is not already offered. Reputable compact tractor sellers will usually include a warranty already – a warranty is included in all compact tractor sales on Blacktrac.

The difference in price is often the key difference between new and used compact tractor models. The up front cost will nearly always be lower on a used model as you are not paying the premium for the newest technology. For most compact tractor owners this isn’t a problem however, as used models are still more than capable of performing all general tasks.  

Why Buy a New Compact Tractor? 

Buying a used compact tractor definitely has its benefits. For a start, the newest models will have the latest developments in tractor technology. Whilst this might seem appealing, it’s worth considering how much you really need the new features as you don’t want to be paying more for something you don’t use. The knowledgable ateam at Blacktrac can help you make a decision if you’re unsure about the specification you need.

You will also have access to manufacture warranties as well as any other perks such as service plans which will mean your tractor will have a higher resale value when you come to sell – providing it is still in good condition of course.  

Contact us – We’re The Compact Tractor Specialists!

Blacktrac stocks a wide range of new and used compact tractors so you are guaranteed to find something that’s right for you. Our range features tractors from leading manufacturers such as Kubota, Solis, John Deere, JCB, Iseki and lots more. 

All of our models have a warranty to give you peace of mind, and our used tractors are always in very good condition having been fully checked by our team. We ensure that all of our tractors are safety compliant and come fitted with PTO safety guards where required as standard.

To ensure that your compact tractor stays working for longer and holds its value when you come to sell it on, we offer full servicing and repair. Our skilled mechanics will promptly service and repair your compact tractor using official, high quality parts.

Whether you’re looking for a new or used compact tractor, choose Blacktrac today. Contact our dedicated team to find out more.  

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