Benefits of Having a Ride on Mower for your Small Holding

If you own a smallholding, it is likely that you’ll need some kind of vehicle to maintain your grounds. For larger grounds, a compact tractor may be used, but for smaller areas it could be a good idea to invest in a ride on mower. These small, simple to use vehicles are perfect for small holdings and offer a valuable solution to cutting large areas of grass. A ride on mower greatly reduces the amount of manual labour and time it takes to care for your grass. As well as this, there are some other key benefits to consider when purchasing. Let’s take a look:


The cost of a mower is one of their main benefits. A compact tractor is a fantastic and versatile tool, but they are generally priced at £6000+. This is fine if you need the extra tools and functions, but if you just need a machine to help maintain grass it is probably too much. 

A traditional ride on mower will have less features than a compact tractor but will be priced for a lower budget. It’s always a good idea to have a clear indication of what you want from your machine before purchasing to ensure that your money is being spent where it matters. 

Good for Small and Tight Spaces

Whilst bigger vehicles are better for managing large areas, a ride on mower is better suited to more intricate work. It is rare that a space on a smallholding is a perfect square and there are likely all kinds of obstacles for you to manoeuvre around. Fencing, outbuildings, other machinery, trees and animals are all likely to be in the way when managing your grounds. 

Mowers are often small enough that they can easily fit into small and tight spaces. They also commonly have very small turning circles so they can turn with ease. The John Deere X165 Ride On Mower for example has an impressive turning circle of 45cm for quick turns around garden obstacles.  

Easy Transport

The size and weight of a ride on mower gives the best of both worlds when it comes to transportation. It’s important to consider that not all land is within a close distance to where your lawnmower is stored. Push mowers will have to be pushed or transported using another vehicle, whereas a mower can be driven for maximum ease. Users can simply raise the mower to prevent it from cutting and drive to where they need to be. 

As well as this, a mower is small enough to be transported using regular machinery such as a trailer. This is a great benefit if your land is further away as your machine is able to be transported with ease. Larger compact tractors may be difficult to transport because of their size and weight. 

Simple to Use

Ride on mowers are often extremely easy to use and can be operated by anyone of any skill level. Where a larger tractor may require a certain level of experience to safely drive and operate, a mower typically won’t. They normally feature a simple startup system and most can be started with just the turn of a key.

Once up and running users will determine their speed using a throttle and gearing system. This is traditionally easier than driving a car and can be picked up in a matter of minutes, even for users without driving experience. 

Reduces Manual Labour

The key reason to invest in a ride on mower is that it vastly reduces your levels of manual labour. Mowing a large lawn using a standard push mower is likely to take far longer and will require much more effort – especially if there are any hills! Even the smallest hills feel strenuous when you’re pushing a lawnmower up it. With a ride on mower you are able to simply sit back and let the machine do the hard work for you. 

Not only does a mower reduce the amount of work, it reduces the amount of time it takes to do jobs. Time is precious on a smallholding and the likelihood is that you will have many other things to focus on, especially if you smallholding isn’t your main business. Simply start you machine up and get on with the job before moving onto your next task. 

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