What Tools & Extras do I Need for my Compact Tractor?

Once you’ve purchased a compact tractor, the next stage might be exploring the range of tractor implements that are available. Depending on what your intended use is, there are a wealth of tools that will help to make your tractor more suited to certain types of work.

The true beauty of a compact tractor is that they are so versatile. During the winter you may want a machine to clear the snow from your drive, but in the summer you might need something to spread fertiliser on your crops in your small holding. Unlike larger tractors or specialist machines, the same compact tractor can be used for a range of different purposes depending on the equipment it is paired with. 

Blacktrac offers a wide selection of high quality equipment for compact tractors. Here, we’ll explore fully exactly what is available to you to ensure you get the most out of your compact machine.  

Tractor Weights 

A tractor weight is a useful tool to make your machine heavier. Increasing the weight of your tractor will help to improve the balance of your machine. Even compact tractors can carry heavy loads, so a weight is used to lower the centre of gravity and avoid tipping on slopes or uneven ground. Tractor weights are also used to increase the ground traction. This will make it easier for you to handle your tractor in wet or slippery conditions.

Tractor weights can either be fitted to the front of your machine or can come in the form of a counterweight for the rear.

Tipping Trailers

Tipping trailers are useful additions to your compact tractor setup as they allow you to transport a wide range of subjects and materials. For small holdings, tipping trailers are perfect for transporting logs, dirt, tools or animal feeds. Landscape contractors may also use them to transport materials such as dirt, gravel or sand for smaller jobs. 

A tipping trailer is defined as any trailer that uses a hydraulic or manual pump to move the loading floor to tip out the contents. This means that you don’t have to manually remove the contents and you can leave your compact tractor to do the hard work.  

Loader Buckets

Loader buckets are another versatile addition to your compact tractor and can again be used for the transportation of materials. Because of their scoop-like design, they are especially useful for lifting and clearing materials, such as sand, dirt, light rubble and animal feed. Because they are fitted to the front of a tractor, materials can be lifted up and dumped on a trailer to be taken elsewhere. 

Tractor Mowing Equipment

Compact tractors are fantastic machines for mowing due to their unique size and weight. They are the perfect blend of being big enough to mow larger areas and being small enough that their weight does not leave treadmarks and spoil lawns. This makes them very well suited for managing larger estates, parks or golf courses. 

Depending on your needs, there are a range of different mowers available. For cutting professional sports pitches and parklands where the utmost quality and care is needed, a finishing mower such as the Maple Rear Discharge / Semi Mulching Finishing Mower is required. For cutting longer pasteurs, a topper such as the Fleming 4ft Grass Topper may be used. You may also require machines to cut grass verges or hedges, both of which are available on the Blacktrac website.  

Snow Ploughs & Winter Equipment

Our range of snowplows and winter compact tractor equipment ensures that you are prepared for the harshest season of the year. Snowplows mount safely and easily onto the front of your compact tractor and are hydraulically operated to provide the best possible snow clearing. They are well suited for clearing driveways, garden walkways and parking areas.

Another useful winter tool for your compact tractor is a spreader such as the Fleming PTO Spreader. This allows you to quickly and easily disperse grit or salt on areas that need it most. The PTO has a maximum capacity of up to 500 litres and can even be used in the spring and summer time to disperse seeds and animal feed.      

Other Extras 

Blacktrac also supplies a wide range of smaller extras for your compact tractors. For attaching trailers, we have a selection of top link pins, top link brackets, ball hitches and top links. We also stock more specialist add ons such as the Rosselli Grizzly 700R PTO Driven Saw. This is well suited for small holdings for sawing and collecting logs, offering an easily manoeuvrable and safe solution to managing your woodland.  

We Offer a Range of Extra Tools

To ensure all your needs are met, all of these tractor implements are available to purchase with Blacktrac.  Visit our compact tractor extra equipment page, or get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.  


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