Norcar Mini Loaders For Sale

Strong, fast, and agile, the Norcar mini loaders are renowned for their industry-leading technology and innovative features. Since 1998, Norcar has developed and manufactured high-quality mini loaders. Every machine is constructed from the best quality steel available to ensure increased durability, strength, and flexibility. For forestry, green area maintenance, landscaping, farming and construction tasks, invest in Norcar mini loaders for sale today.

Why Choose Norcar?

The Norcar mini loaders features ensure maximum ease of use for the machine’s operators. Drivers handle the machine similarly to big wheel loaders with the driver’s seat positioned on the rear frame, which makes it simple and efficient to maneuver even in smaller, narrow areas. Operators can have total peace of mind as driving is safer with Norcar’s innovative technology features.

Through their years of trading, Norcar has gained valuable industry experience. This has enabled them to understand what features their customers want and adapt to the changing demands of landscaping, green area maintenance, and construction jobs. Their wide range of Norcar attachments has expanded further to improve the different mini loader’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Every Norcar mini loader begins with an innovative design. Manufactured on the west coast of Finland, the machines are famous for their smart solutions, inventive features, and diligent designs. Once their ingenious team creates a design, the construction begins using the highest quality material available.

Each component is carefully selected and robot-welded to not only ensure the mini loader’s effectiveness but its strength and durability all year round too. This is the same process for the Norcar a6020 and Norcar a7240. Once the machine is built, our team at Blacktrac helps our customers find the perfect machine for their requirements.

The Key Norcar Mini Loader Features

Telescopic Boom

Engineered to enhance working efficiency at great heights, the telescopic boom is installed on every a-series Norcar mini loader. The system is ideal when working with hard-to-reach areas. Driver’s can operate the machine with an increased reach while ensuring total operator safety.

Centred Lifting Boom

The lifting boom is installed on the centre of the front frame to ensure stability during any task. Its positioning also makes the entire machine more durable, while increasing visibility for the operator.

Low Centre of Gravity

Norcar mini loaders have a low centre of gravity because of their compact design. This removes the risk of the machine toppling over in rough terrain. It’s also easier to navigate narrow and small areas, which improves ease of use for drivers.

Articulated Steering

Each Norcar mini loader has a small turning radius, so drivers can maneuver in tight spaces more easily. Any confined or narrow areas are simple for operators to navigate using the steering wheel. The oscillating central joint also ensures the mini loader is steady whatever the terrain and makes the machine easy to handle.

Advanced Safety System

Norcar mini loaders include an advanced safety system that features hydraulic brakes. If the driver exits the driver’s seat, the brakes are automatically triggered, and the mini loader cannot be operated again until a driver is back in the seat and presses the brake button.

Norcar Mini Loaders For Sale At Blacktrac

For affordable Norcar mini loaders for sale, get in touch with Blacktrac today. We offer affordable machines with industry-leading features. To discover the right Norcar mini loader for your demands, call us today on 01933 272662.