Solis Tractors For Sale

Solis tractors are Europe’s fastest growing compact tractor brand. They sell over 90,000 tractors per year and are renowned for their power, simplicity, and low cost. We’re sure that all three of those things are music to your ears, but let’s have a bit of a closer look at what Solis tractors for sale we have on offer. We have a wide range of Solis Compact tractors available, one for every budget and landscape. To view our range of Solis tractor prices, please see the listings below. 

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Invest in a Solis Compact Tractor

We’re one of the select few Solis tractor dealers, providing Solis tractors, attachments, and spare parts in the UK, and we stock them precisely because of their reputation as being reliable and reasonably priced. Solis tractors are known for their unmatched pulling power, high toque, and low maintenance costs, so they’re easy to run, versatile, and won’t give you trouble. This makes them the perfect choice for not only agricultural work, but smaller tasks too.  Solis offer class leading warranty of five years with all new tractors.

As far as their smaller compact range goes, there is a choice between the Solis 16, Solis 20 and the Solis 26 Manual,  Hydrostatic & Shuttle models. Both the 20 & 26 are small but mighty and powered by Mitsubishi engines. The range is certified by the Vehicle Certification Agency and meet all EU legislation to ensure they’re safe, road ready, and manufactured to a high standard.

The Solis 16 is the smallest of the Solis range of tractors, powered by a three-cylinder engine. Currently only available on the Agricultural Tyre pattern.  This is the ideal tractor for those wanting a low powered machine to, for example, top paddocks, tow trailers and general yard duties.

The Solis 20 is a compact, three-cylinder engine tractor which packs a lot of power in a very small machine. It’s perfect for land management and mowing private property but can also be used for rotovating and spraying meaning it’s suitable for small holdings too. It’s designed for comfort and ease of use.

The Solis 26, on the other hand, offers more power. It’s incredibly reliable and versatile, just like it’s smaller brothers, but can also work with a wide range of attachments including front loaders, rotovators, and flail mowers. It’s the ideal choice for smallholdings, equestrian use, and golf courses. It also comes with the option of agri, turf, or industrial tyres, so you can really customise it to your needs.

Both the Solis 20 and Solis 26 can be fitted with a wide range of attachments meaning you can find a solution to fit your needs perfectly. Whether you need a roller mower, forklift, woodchipper, or snowplough, we’ve got the attachment for you. The sheer array of attachments available for both the Solis 20 and 26 mean you can use this tractor for a whole range of jobs, which is a testament to their flexibility.

Solis Compact Tractor Sale

If you’re after a larger hp tractor, the Solis 50 or Solis 75 will give you the additional power you may need, whilst providing the same reliability and value for money as the smaller models.  With a choice of tyre patterns, cabs and loader options there is something to suit everyone with Solis tractors. To find out more about our tractors for sale, please feel free to contact us and speak to our friendly team today. 

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