Spring Cleaning for Compact Tractors

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year for farms, smallholdings or even casual gardeners. Despite this, it’s crucial that you remember to perform the proper compact tractor cleaning and maintenance practices that help to keep your machine performing at its best. Winter is tough for your outdoor machinery and the cold, wet weather can spell disaster for compact tractors that are not properly maintained. Rust, corrosion, loose or damaged parts and faulty electricals are just some of the issues to look out for this spring. 

Whether it’s cleaning the interior or exterior, replacing damaged parts or topping up engine oil or tire air, spring is the perfect time to carry out all important compact tractor maintenance. 

Compact Tractor Cleaning – Exterior

Winter is the season where your compact tractor will become dirtiest due to the cold, wet weather and muddy ground. Spring is the perfect time to fully clean down the exterior of your machine as mud or moisture buildup will cause corrosion and rusting if left. Deicers should also be removed as they may cause harm to your land if they contain certain chemicals. 

Clean the exterior of your compact tractor using a simple pressure washer to remove the bulk of the dirt. Soapy water and a brush or sponge may then be used to clean bodywork panels, windscreens or wheels. Finish by rinsing off with cold water. It’s important to note that you should always study the relevant user manual to find the specific cleaning practices of your specific model. 

Use engine degreaser to clean the mechanical parts of your compact tractor, such as the chassis or engine. Make sure to clean radiator screens and take time to review all areas of your tractor such as the engine or the underside of the machine. A quick check whilst cleaning is an effective way to flag any potential repair work that needs to be carried out and ensures your machine lasts longer.  

Compact Tractor Cleaning – Interior 

The inside of your tractor should also be cleaned during the springtime as dirt and mud will have been transferred into your cabin. This doesn’t need to be a complex process and usually a quick vacuum and dusting will be sufficient. 

You may want to wipe surfaces using a damp cloth and an all purpose cleaner and ensure that all buttons and controls are cleaned fully. Be mindful of spraying electronic controls with liquid as this may cause damage if it gets inside. Use a simple polish on interior plastics to get a great final shine.

Finish by washing your cabin windows from the inside using a wet cloth to remove smear marks and then a dry cloth to buff dry. It’s best to clean windows last as dirt and spray will always find a way of getting back onto the windows after cleaning.       

Check for Loose or Missing Bolts

As mentioned above, cleaning your compact tractor is a great opportunity to give your machine a full inspection. Even the smaller of loose parts will cause big performance issues and prevent your tractor from operating at its highest level. Not only this but performing regular compact tractor maintenance inspections allow you to flag smaller issues that could’ve been prevented. These issues may develop into larger, more expensive repair jobs further down the line. Try to be thorough in your inspection and test as many screws, nuts and bolts as you can. 

You should also check for damaged parts that will need to be replaced immediately. Blacktrac stocks a wide range of parts and extras, from swivel balls to mower blades and everything in between.   

Check the Tires for Wear and Air Pressure

Spring cleaning is also a great opportunity to check the air pressure in your tires. Having the wrong air pressure may cause unbalanced wear, damage to the sidewall, unnecessary fuel usage and a shorter lifespan. Always check your manual or consult our dealer if you’re unsure of what the correct air pressure is for your model. 

Change the Engine Oil and Filter if Needed

Topping up engine oil and changing filters is another quick fix that will increase the performance and longevity of your compact tractor. Filters are integral pieces of equipment that help to clean out any contaminants in your engine oil. These particles will cause excessive wear and tear to your engine if not removed. Again, consult a dealer of your user manual to assess what engine oil you need prior to topping up. 

High Quality Compact Tractors with Blacktrac

If you spot any missing, loose or broken parts during your compact tractor cleaning this spring and are in need of new or replacement parts, then we can help. Blacktrac stocks an extensive range of spare parts such as filter service kits, tyres, bearings and seals, batteries, radiators and much more. We also offer comprehensive compact tractor maintenance servicing with a workshop that is fully equipped with an array of spare and replacement parts. 

If you think it’s time to upgrade your compact tractor you can browse all of our new and used compact tractors here. Our machines are suitable for smaller land maintenance tasks to larger, more specific tasks such as tree felling, building work and more. We stock industry leading brands that include Kubota, Solis, John Deere.   

Contact Blacktrac today to find out more about our tractors and implements.

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