Using a Compact Tractor for Football Pitch Maintenance

Using the right equipment is absolutely essential when carrying out football pitch maintenance. Whether it’s at the grassroots level or higher leagues, grass must be maintained to an acceptable playing standard when it comes to game day. A poorly maintained pitch doesn’t look good and can even affect the game in extreme cases.

To carry out this work you need to invest in a machine that can cope. Compact tractors are a fantastic solution and are one of the most popular pieces of football pitch maintenance equipment to help keep lawns looking their best all season long.    

Multi-Purpose Machinery 

One fundamental benefit of using a compact tractor for football pitch maintenance is that they are very multi-functional. Whilst a compact machine is more than comfortable with cutting large sections of grass, they are also useful tools for other aspects of pitch maintenance too.

Quickly and easily transport equipment and machinery around your club for example – without any tiring manual labour. Transfer items such as bags of grass seed, line marking paints or tools (pitch spikes or pitchforks for example) to anywhere around your premises. 

Alternatively, invest in a spreader and use your tractor to spread grass seed, fungicides or fertiliser to help with grass regeneration and growth. Or, add a front mounted snowplough to your setup to clear snow from your pitch on game days. 

With a compact tractor, you invest in a machine that is capable of aiding in a wide range of maintenance tasks. There are a range of add-ons available to purchase to ensure you get the most out of your machine. 

Cut Your Football Pitch Grass Quickly and Easily

Investing in a compact tractor is a surefire way of making your football pitch maintenance quicker and more efficient. These machines are specifically built to perform regular cutting to a very high standard and are a valuable tool in getting the job done quickly. 

Without a compact tractor, ground staff will have to use a push lawn mower or ride-on mower to maintain grass length. Push mowers are fine for smaller plots of land but will struggle when used on larger plots when a larger, more powerful machine is required. A ride-on mower is a better option, but again lacks the size of a compact tractor. The size of the cutting deck is considerably smaller on a ride-on mower for example which will slow down your lawn maintenance processes.     

Fully Adjustable Cutting Height

It is estimated that grass should never exceed 60mm in length at any given time – even during any breaks throughout the year. On a gameday, your grass is recommended to be 25mm to 30mm in length for maximum performance. This means that a pitch could need well over 20 cuts a year to stay in good shape.

Most compact tractors come with a fully adjustable cutting deck with a range of different cutting lengths. The Wessex CRX180 6ft Multicut Roller Mower for example can be set with a cutting height between 10mm and 110mm for maximum flexibility. 

Road Legal

You never know when you’ll need to take your compact tractor on the road, and thankfully that’s completely possible as the vast majority of machines are road legal. Having a road legal compact tractor is essential if your storage facility is not located at your football club, or if you’re required to pick up materials or equipment off-site.  

Ride-on Mowers Vs Compact Tractors

Ground staff will have the choice of a ride-on mower or a compact tractor to help with football pitch maintenance. Ride-on mowers can get the job done, but lack the size, power and performance that enables a compact tractor to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This is why compact tractors are the best option when investing in football pitch maintenance equipment.

As covered previously, a compact tractor will have a larger cutting deck that means lawn-cutting tasks will take less time overall. Saving valuable time allows you to complete more tasks in a shorter time frame, which is hugely valuable for football clubs as there are often plenty of work to get through. 

Compact tractors are often fitted with a closed cab to help protect during periods of bad weather. Football pitch maintenance is required year-round so having the added comfort of a heated cab is a big bonus for the operators – especially on cold, wet days.  

Another key benefit of opting for a compact tractor is their versatility. Ride on mowers for example will only come with a cutting deck meaning they can only be used for basic mowing tasks. A compact tractor is completely multifunctional and has the option of a wide range of additional equipment. Invest in flails, spreaders, ploughs and tipping boxes and enjoy a machine that can help out in all of your football pitch maintenance applications.  

Compact Tractors with Blacktrac 

Blacktrac stocks a wide range of compact tractors that are well suited to be used as football pitch maintenance equipment. We feature tractors from industry leading manufactures such as Solis, John Deere and Kubota – all of which are guaranteed to deliver high performance for many years to come. As well as this, we also supply a varied selection of additional equipment for compact tractors, such as mowers, tipping boxes, spreaders and snowploughs.


If you’re interested in investing in a compact tractor to help with your football pitch maintenance, contact Blacktrac today to find out more.

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