Tractor Equipment For The Winter

Winter in the UK is cold for everyone, however, for small independent farms or smallholdings, the winter weather poses many challenges beyond keeping warm. While most people slip on a pair of gloves or a fluffy scarf on their way into the office, those with land to keep need to consider the tractor equipment they need to cope with the frost, snow, and low light. 

Temperatures rarely get higher than 7 degrees celsius in the UK during the winter, but they often get colder. The UK also sees around 23 days of snowfall or sleet every year. Completing everyday tasks in these weather conditions presents many unique obstacles to overcome. However, with the right tractor implements and attachments you can manage your smallholding with ease this winter, so, what do you need?


Solis Snowplough

Attaching a snowplough to your Solis tractor is an effective way to remove ice and snow from your land. Manufactured in Europe to the highest industry specifications, the snowplough is compatible with the Solis 50 loader. The snowplough is 2.4m/8ft wide and fitted with a 25mm thick durable reversible rubber blade to make removing snow and ice much simpler for the operator.

To improve efficiency, the shape was designed to push snow to the kerb. It will also hover just above the ground when at its lowest position. There’s also a detachable storage leg as an added feature. For a simple and effective snowplough for your Solis tractor, explore the brand-new Solis snowplough, available today.


Fleming PTO Spreader

Stop ice forming and melt settled snow by spreading grit or salt across paths or roads on your farmstead. Years ago, you may have spread salt or grit using a shovel. Now, you can save your time and energy using the Fleming PTO spreader for compact tractors. It enables you to spread fertiliser, seeds, and grit and salt, so it can be used all year round, not only during the colder months.

The Fleming PTO Spreader features a high-capacity hopper capable of holding 500 litres or kg. Unlike other models, the specialist design features larger outlet holes which makes spreading grit more efficient and effective. Driven by PTO, the spreader also has a three-point linkage mounted, enabling a max spread of 18m, almost 60ft.


compact tractor spreading salt on icy & snowy roads UK


Universal Mounted Snowplough

Whatever brand your compact tractor is, the brand new heavy-duty front-mounted snowplough can be fitted universally. Like the Solis snowplough, the structure is manufactured in Europe to the highest specifications in the industry. To give you more control over the angling of the snowplough, it can be hydraulically lowered and raised efficiently.

The snowplough is 1.7m (5’6”) wide and is installed with a 20mm thick rubber blade. To reduce the risk of damage occurring to the plow, it’s fitted with a dual sprung absorption system. The model is also ‘free floating’, which means it follows existing contours on a surface, such as speed bumps.


Key Accessories & Tractor Implements

There are many other accessories and tractor implements that will benefit you this winter. Tractor attachments come in many shapes and sizes, and, depending on your task, the right tool may change because of winter weather conditions. Maybe your tipping trailer isn’t sturdy or stable when used in the snow, for example. The solution is to invest in a durable trailer that has the right tyres for the winter weather.

You may also need a replacement rubber strip for your snowplough. Like all tractor equipment on your smallholding, if there’s a fault, don’t let it escalate, make sure it’s repaired or find a high-quality replacement. There’s no point having a snowplough if it doesn’t do its job properly. Install a new rubber strip to ensure your snowplough functions effectively this winter.


Top Tips For Maintaining Your Tractor Equipment In The Cold

Once you’ve got the right tractor attachments and equipment, you need to maintain your tools in the cold. Tractors are always valuable on your smallholding, however, in the winter months, they become even more important. From clearing snow and ice with the snowplough to spreading grit and salt, your compact tractor is essential for managing harsher weather conditions.


Let Your Compact Tractor Warm-Up

In freezing cold temperatures, it’s smart to give your tractor time to warm up. Hopping in the driver’s seat and carrying out your tasks without letting the heater plugs do their job may burn out the battery. 

Let the engine warm-up for 5 minutes or so before getting behind the wheel. Another maintenance tip is to let the engine cool down after use. Let it tick over for a few seconds once you’ve stopped before turning off the ignition.


Choose Your Fuel Carefully

Diesel thickens into a gel similar to melting wax when exposed to low temperatures. Trying to operate your tractor with this substance as fuel is not a good idea. To prevent this issue from occurring, use winter-grade diesel. Often this specialist winter fuel can cope with temperatures way below freezing.

It’s extremely difficult for petrol to freeze, especially in the UK. The freezing point for petrol is somewhere around -60 degrees, so diesel is the fuel you have to worry about in the winter. If your compact tractor runs on diesel, take the necessary precautions to protect it from freezing temperatures. 


Check Your Tractor’s Features

There are many aspects of your compact tractor that you will need to manage in the winter. A battery’s capacity drops when exposed to freezing temperatures. Make sure you have a spare battery available to jumpstart the tractor if needed; you can also use this space as a replacement if necessary too, of course.

Standard checks are also essential when preparing your tractor for winter. Check on the oil levels, clean out the radiator, and make sure the air filter is clear. Over time, straw and hay, as well as insects, mud, and debris, can become trapped in the engine. Clear out any of these inert materials to ensure your tractor runs effectively all year round.


Key Takeaways

Snow and ice can seriously disrupt your usual operations. With the right tractor attachments and implements, you can complete tasks without any issues caused by the colder months. Maintain them properly and even the harshest winter weather will pass without a hitch.

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