What Is The Solis 26 HST 4WD Compact Tractor?

Solis tractors are the fastest-growing compact tractor brand in Europe, selling over 90 000 tractors every year. The brand is renowned in the farming industry for its compact tractors’ power, ease of use, and affordability. The best-selling compact tractor in the UK Solis offers is the Solis 26 HST 4WD (hydrostatic transmission and 4 wheel drive).

All the compact tractors for sale Solis offer provide a wide range of unique benefits. Let’s explore how the Solis 26 HST 4WD can support your requirements.


What Are The Advantages Of This Solis Compact Tractor?

Investing in a Solis compact tractor is a smart decision for many people as they’re versatile, reliable, and fuel-efficient. They’re capable of completing a wide range of tasks as these small tractors can fit a variety of implements. Front-loaders, ploughs, and cultivators are a few examples of the tractor attachments available.

To ensure they’re convenient, the Solis 26 HST 4WD compact tractors are eligible for road registration and use. The small tractor can also be fitted with turf, agricultural, and industrial tyres. This makes them effective for completing tasks on smallholdings and construction sites, for example.

Let’s explore some of the key reasons why Solis is Europe’s fastest-growing compact tractor brand.


Ergonomic-Focused Design

One of the key factors to consider for many people looking at compact tractors for sale is comfort. Ergonomic designs are focused on optimising human well-being as well as the system’s performance. 

The Solis small tractor features a high-quality ergonomic design to not only enhance comfort but also improve the system’s ease of use. Everything about this compact tractor is designed to create a comfortable and efficient operator experience.


Extensive Range Of Implements & Attachments

Solis tractors can be fitted with a range of attachments which make them highly adaptable. Its versatility ensures they’re a smart long-term investment. For a compact tractor that can complete large-scale agricultural tasks as well as small jobs, the Solis 26 HST 4WD is the best option.



The Solis compact tractor isn’t only affordable in the short-term, its durability saves on costs in the future. Instead of investing in a poor-quality, small tractor that breaks apart when completing tasks, choose an option capable of completing heavy-duty jobs. Compared to many other tractors, the Solis compact tractor is affordable without sacrificing quality.


The Benefits Of The Solis 26 HST 4WD Compact Tractor

Solis tractors are constructed by ITL, which are ranked in the top 6 global tractor manufacturers. With every tractor they design and build, the aim is to provide functional usability and operator comfort. Inside, the cabin features an ergonomic design and power steering to improve comfort while using the compact tractor. 

The power steering makes it easier to turn and manoeuvre, even within tight angles. This makes completing tasks simpler and more efficient. The power steering works in tandem with comfortable controls to ensure that operating the compact tractor requires less energy. The tractor is easy to operate using hydrostatic (HST) controls that allow the operator to move backwards and forward by pressing on a foot pedal.

To ensure the compact tractor can complete agricultural and industrial tasks, it’s fitted with a 3 cylinder water-cooled diesel engine. The tractor’s engine is constructed by Mitsubishi and features high-torque power while remaining extremely fuel-efficient. This saves you money on fuel costs in the long-term which you can invest into other areas of your business. The Mitsubishi engine is low-noise and emits minimal vibrations while running.

Despite the compact tractor being small, it’s suitable for use in muddy environments. Its traction improves steering and allows the operator to tackle sharp turns. The entire range of Solis compact tractors is certified by the Vehicle Certification Agency. This ensures they’re safe to use on the road and are constructed to a high standard in the industry.


Blacktrac Compact Tractors For Sale

At Blacktrac, we offer second-hand and new Solis 26 HST 4WD compact tractors that are affordable and high-quality. Explore the wide range of compact tractors we offer and the range of implements available, including Solis 20, Solis 50, and Solis 75 compact tractors. Call us on 01933 272662 to find out more or explore our range of small tractors.

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