The Solis Tractor 50 Range

The Solis 50 is a high-quality and durable compactor tractor designed to complete a variety of tasks. It’s a versatile option for any landowners looking for a compact tractor. Whether you want a small tractor for building, digging, mowing, or tiling, the Solis 50 is the ideal option. 

This compact tractor can be fitted with a wide range of attachments, such as a front loader or flail mower, making it flexible in assisting owners with a variety of tasks. The Solis 50 tractor is ideal for small maintenance tasks, and is made by one of the premium tractor manufacturers in Europe, so you’ll have peace of mind that it’s bee/product/new-solis-50-compact-tractor-with-new-kl270sw-agrimaster-flail/n built to last.


Key Features of The Solis 50 Tractor Range

Solis tractors offer unmatchable pulling power and high torque performance. Combined with their low costs, reduced maintenance, and versatility, they’re a highly cost-effective and efficient option. 

The Solis compact tractor range is certified by the vehicle certification agency, and meets all EU legislation. The certification ensures that Solis tractors have road registration, are safe in all circumstances, and manufactured to the highest standard.

The Solis 50 compact tractor has a wide range of features, let’s explore what they offer:


Ergonomic Design

The design of the operator area needs to be optimised for comfort and performance. Implementing an ergonomic design inside a compact tractor reduces the stress of operating the farm machinery. The Solis 50 ensures comfortable control during whatever maintenance task is being completed.


4WD Front Axle

For better traction, no matter the conditions, the Solis 50 compact tractor features a 4WD front axle. This makes the tractor suitable for tasks in muddy environments. It also ensures the operator has optimum control while steering. Sometimes on small farm areas, manoeuvrability can be a problem. This axle provides an improved steering angle that makes sharp turning easier.


Backlit Instrument Cluster

An instrument cluster is a board inside an operator cabin that has several gauges and warning lights. To make using the compact tractor easy to use in poor light, inside the Solis 50 features a backlit instrument cluster to improve visibility.  


Multi-Speed PTO

The Solis 50 features multi-speed power take-off which makes it ideal for spraying and rotavator applications. This tool gives the operator control over the output shaft speed. The operator can choose from three selected speeds to make completing agricultural tasks much simpler.


Power Steering

One of the biggest problems compact tractor operators face is controlling the tractor. Completing tasks in tight spaces and on muddy grounds can be challenging. Power steering solves this issue as it ensures an easy operation; navigate your tasks with ease with optimal operator comfort.


More Features Of The Solis 50 Compact Tractor

  • Effortless Bonnet Opening
  • Radiator Overflow Reservoir
  • Dry Type Air Cleaner With Clogging Sensor
  • Oil Immersed Brakes
  • Synchromesh Gearbox & Side Shift Gear Levers


Blacktrac Solis 50 Compact Tractors For Sale

At Blacktrac, we’re one of the select few providers of Solis compact tractors, attachments, and spare parts in the UK. As the fastest growing tractor brand in Europe, Solis is the ideal option for anyone looking for a versatile tractor for agricultural work and small maintenance tasks. All the second-hand compact tractors for sale we offer are in good condition and able to benefit you.

Explore the variety of Solis compact tractors for sale we offer, including the Solis 20, and Solis 26.

As well as Solis tractors, Blacktrac offers John Deere and Massey Ferguson compact tractors. Please fill in our handy online enquiry form to get a quote. Alternatively, head to our contact page to submit a general inquiry.


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