Do I Need Tractor Insurance?

There isn’t a legal requirement to insure a tractor that is used for agricultural tasks on your own land. Under these conditions, taking out an MOT or taxing the vehicle isn’t required either. While tractor insurance isn’t a legal requirement, it could be a vital investment that ensures your tractor is protected if any damage occurs.

Using a compact tractor is a great way to avoid accidents. They’re easily manoeuvrable, safer for operators, and adaptable to fit a wide range of tasks. However, even when you’re using the safest compact tractor available, accidents can still occur. If you’re involved in an accident that damages property or the tractor itself, insurance will cover the cost of the incident.

Given how many farmers rely on their tractors as part of their livelihood, insurance is a smart long-term investment. Insurance can cover all farm vehicles to act as a financial safety net that gives you peace of mind. Depending on insurance brokers, the level of cover will vary, so it’s important to understand the insurance options available to choose the right one for your farm vehicles.


What Does Tractor Insurance Cover?

Tractor and agricultural vehicle insurance covers you against fire and theft as well as accidental damage. The two insurance policies differ as agricultural vehicle insurance provides wider coverage across all farm vehicles under a single policy.

Not all farm vehicles need to be covered with agricultural insurance. Vans, pick-up trucks, and 4x4s are all insurable under a van insurance policy. This is a better option if you primarily use these vehicles on the road rather than on your farmland.

One of the questions you may have is whether the policy protects your tractor against incidents on the road as well as your private property and land. Whatever compact tractor you have, the cover includes on-road use. This gives you flexibility over the tasks you use your tractor for. Whether you own a John Deere, Massey Ferguson, or another tractor, you can have peace of mind while using the vehicle on the road.

As a farm owner, there are a variety of insurance policies available, and more than one could be necessary. Agricultural insurance differs from agricultural vehicle insurance as the latter acts as a multi-vehicle cover, while the former covers all types of agricultural produce.


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Is Tractor Insurance Mandatory in the UK?

Tractor insurance is not mandatory in the UK if you only use your tractor on private land. However, it is strongly advised to have insurance, even if you only use your tractor on your own land. This is because there are still risks associated with using a tractor, such as theft, vandalism, and accidental damage. If you do not have insurance and something happens to your tractor, you could be out of pocket for the cost of repairs or replacement.

If you do use your tractor on public roads, then it is mandatory to have insurance. This is because you are legally required to have third-party cover when driving any vehicle on public roads. Third-party cover will protect you in the event that you cause damage to another person’s property or injure another person while driving your tractor.

Is Tractor Insurance Worth It?

Whether or not the insurance policy you take out is worth it depends on your circumstances. There two main types of insurance policies for tractors: single and fleet policies. An individual policy covers one farming vehicle, however, you can add multiple drivers to a single plan. Multi-vehicle insurance allows you to insure all farm vehicles, from tractors to commercial cars, that you use on your land.


Different Forms Of Protection

When choosing the cover that works for your farm and vehicles, you also have the choice of three different forms of protection. The legal minimum cover is Third Party, but the other two options are Third Party Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive Protection. Do your research and take out an insurance policy that best fits your needs while remaining affordable.

If you have one vehicle to insure, a single tractor policy is cheaper. However, if you want to insure multiple vehicles it may be smart to combine their cover under an agricultural vehicle insurance policy. Taking out a multi-vehicle policy saves you money and also makes the renewal process much simpler. The insurance provider may also offer premiums to incentivise covering multiple farming vehicles under one policy.

Third Party Insurance

Third party tractor insurance covers liability for third-party damages. This means that if you cause an accident with your tractor that results in damage to another person’s property or injuries to another person, your insurance will cover the cost of those damages. Third party tractor insurance does not cover damage to your own tractor or any of your belongings.

Third Party Fire and Theft

Third-party fire and theft tractor insurance covers you for the cost of repairs or replacement of your tractor if it is damaged by fire or theft. It also covers you for the cost of repairs or replacement of property damage caused by your tractor if it is involved in an accident. Third party fire and theft insurance does not cover you for any personal injuries or damage to your own property.

Comprehensive Protection

Comprehensive tractor insurance is typically more expensive than third-party insurance, but it provides you with much more protection. If you have a valuable tractor, or if you use your tractor for commercial purposes, then comprehensive insurance is a wise investment. Comprehensive protection covers accidents, theft, fire, flood, damage, vandalism, mechanical breakdown and third party liability.

Vintage Tractors

For vintage tractors that aren’t used for day to day farming tasks, you should consider a policy specific to them. Vintage tractors are coverable under vintage tractor policies if they’re over 25 years old and you display them at agricultural shows, rallies, and road runs. The insurance cover is designed to protect you when you’re travelling to and from shows, for example, as well as cover any items that are kept inside the vehicle.


How To Save Money On Your Insurance Policy

Searching for the best policy for your tractor or farming vehicles is similar to a conventional car. Compare quotes and find the cheapest option from a reliable provider that matches all your requirements. You could also lower your premiums by keeping the tractor or vehicle stored on your private land. While this will lower the cost, installing security features such as GPS systems, is a factor that could reduce the price of your quote even further.


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