Compact tractors are a versatile piece of equipment that get multiple jobs done. They’re much more useful than a ride-on lawnmower and do many more jobs than cutting grass. In this blog, we will go through some day to day tasks that a compact tractor is ideal for:


Compact Tractor Uses

Mowing your Grass

Although compact tractors have much more uses than lawnmowers, they’re a great way to cut and mow the grass. Whether you’re maintaining your garden lawn or a large pasture or paddock, a tractor is essential. A compact tractor with a mower implement will take care of stubborn patches of grass and leave your lawn looking beautiful.


Heavy Lifting and Moving Materials

Compact tractors with a front loader implement are an effective and efficient way to transport materials. Whether it’s industrial farm materials or snow in the winter, compact tractors have a hydraulic system that makes heavy lifting easy. You can also attach a forklift implement, some of which can lift over 700kg.



With the right front loader implement, you can dig holes and use your tractor for a range of landscaping tasks. This includes both residential and commercial landscaping. With compact tractors, you also have the options to maintain gravel and soil landscapes. As well as dispose of wood with a wood chipper attachment.


Plough Snow

Unpredictable weather is always something we all have to deal with. You can use compact tractors to plough snow and remove snow that is causing a blockage. You also have snowblower implement options, for when you’re clearing large spaces of snow.



A compact tractor is an ideal tool to use if you are starting or growing crops or plants. As well as maintain any existing plots you have already started working on. There are also blade and scraper implements you can attach onto your tractor. These attachments allow you to maintain a variety of different landscapes and areas.


New Solis 75 4WD Compact Tractor


Seed and Fertilise Land

With a spreader attachment, you can use your tractor to begin growing many different plants across a large open area. As well as options for a small garden or a large plot of crops. They are ideal for either commercial or residential cultivation and seed planting.


Looking after Livestock

A compact tractor can be very useful for looking after animals. Especially because of its small size which allows you to travel through areas that are hard to access. With the right implement, these tractors can help you transport hay and food. As well as spread manure and clean up the areas where your livestock is.


Much More

With the right implement, a compact tractor has more uses than you can imagine. They’re one of the most adaptable pieces of machinery in the industry. Explore Blacktrac’s range of implements to discover everything you and your tractor can do.


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