What Tractor Equipment Do I Need For The Winter?

compact tractor with snow plough attachment ploughing the heavy snow in the uk

Tractor Equipment For The Winter

Winter in the UK is cold for everyone, however, for small independent farms or smallholdings, the winter weather poses many challenges beyond keeping warm. While most people slip on a pair of gloves or a fluffy scarf on their way into the office, those with land to keep need to consider the tractor equipment they need to cope with the frost, snow, and low light. 

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What Is A Hydrostatic Transmission Tractor?

HST Tractor Spraying field

Hydrostatic Transmission Tractor

A hydrostatic transmission is powered using hydraulic fluid and allows a tractor operator to speed up or slow down smoothly without switching gears. Compact tractors with a hydraulic transmission improve ease of use, offer seamless speed control, and are versatile to use for multiple tasks. While Hydrostatic transmission tractors may seem easier to use than tractors with gear transmissions, the right option will depend on your circumstances and requirements.

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Part 1: All You Need To Know About The Solis 20 4WD Compact Tractor

New Solis 50 4WD Compact Tractor

One of the most important purchases a smallholder will make is a compact tractor. This informative guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Solis 20 4WD, so you can decide if it’s the perfect compact tractor for you. There are many types of compact tractors available and various attachments. This guide will provide an overview of the Solis 20 and its benefits, so you can make the right choice for your requirements.

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Advantages Of The Solis 26 HST 4WD Compact Tractor

Blue Solis compact tractor side view outside Blacktrac.

What Is The Solis 26 HST 4WD Compact Tractor?

Solis tractors are the fastest-growing compact tractor brand in Europe, selling over 90 000 tractors every year. The brand is renowned in the farming industry for its compact tractors’ power, ease of use, and affordability. The best-selling compact tractor in the UK Solis offers is the Solis 26 HST 4WD (hydrostatic transmission and 4 wheel drive).

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